A little archive of our previous works

The Imaginist - 2015


Telus Fund
    2016 Distribution Deal
Canada International Film Festival
    2016 Rising Star Award
International Women’s Film Festival
    2016 Official Selection
Best Shorts Competition
    2016 Award of Merit
Top Shorts Competition
    2016 Official Selection
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
    2015 Grant Recipient

George (Louie Koutis) is an Imaginist working at Moving Pictures; a futuristic cinema in which the mind is the performer. His granddaughter, Lucinda (Clair Superkoski), loved his projections and hoped that one day she herself could become one of the world’s greatest Imaginists. However, after her tragic death, George questions the meaning of his own life and decides to honour Lucinda with one final show.

Headless - 2015


Royal Television Society (UK)
    2015 Best Student Animated Short

He is the only person in the world to be born with their head detached from their body, but the head and the body have two separate personalities, desires and attitudes. They never get on with each other but need each other to do everyday tasks. How will they learn to live with each other and become one person?

Iris - 2013


Edmonton Film Prize
    2015 Nominee
    2015 Short Narrative Nominee
Golden Egg Film Festival
    2014 Official Selection
RxSM Film Festival
    2014 Official Selection
Edmonton Arts Council
    2013 Grant Recipient

Ohsen designed IRIS to be free; to redistribute wealth, reorganize social structures and reform our political systems. However, when the time comes to release IRIS, Ohsen struggles to let her go.

Vancouver, Canada

A joint venture between Matteo Veglia & Sina Sultani

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