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The last migration.

Sci-fi, Thriller, Drama


Lives intertwine through famine, medicine and malicious bureaucracy during the final migration from a dying Earth.
Ju-Long, the tyrant Governor of Extraterrestrial Emigration, has been burdened with saving the planet by relocating the population to the solar colonies.

  Producers Statement

Sina and I were both captivated by a trip to Ellis Island, NYC where we saw and heard the conditions that millions of people faced through their migration to the Americas in the 19th/early-20th Century.

Both of us, coming from immigrant parents and myself an immigrant to Canada, felt compelled to tell the stories of these people but through the lens of a future mass-migration to the stars.

One day us humans may be in a similar situation to those who’ve inspired us, where our planet has been ruined and we have no choice but to escape.

Vancouver, Canada

A joint venture between Matteo Veglia & Sina Sultani

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